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What is work?

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I get asked… what is work for you? Work for me is finding, sharing, linking, SEO, pushing, asking (begging), repeated  [Continue Reading]

Taking time out to be a better mom for my family #aisforadelaide #huggingnotyelling

Damn it.

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I love all the posts about Facebook and social media in general where we are reminded that what people post  [Continue Reading]

Addie is thankful for snowsuits!

Marvelous Mondays!

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In the spirit of starting new things for the New Year, I am starting Marvelous Monday! This will be my  [Continue Reading]


Does she have what it takes to be…

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The next top model? I think so. It brought me to the research of if others thought so, too. In  [Continue Reading]


Support our growing community!

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My Delaware blog is coming [slowly] along. I am doing my research and trying to use lots of visuals for  [Continue Reading]


Facebook …and a prize!

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Hello readers. These past few days have been some days of reckoning! I love my baby girl and sometimes taking  [Continue Reading]


Is it the weekend, yet?

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What a roller coaster week! If I never hear the word “no” again, it will be too soon. I’ve spoken  [Continue Reading]