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Keep Pushing

I was unable to find anyone who recorded (or even took a picture!) of the LPA Speakers’ Night, but I wanted to share my piece with you. I plan on recording me speaking it, but wanted to share it with you (written) in the meantime. So, without further stalling, here is my LPA Speakers’ Night Piece entitled: Keep Pushing.

#lpaSD2014 #LPA Speakers Night

As I embark upon the birth of my second child, I find the title of my piece ironic.

Keep pushing.

While that’s not my birthing mantra- that one is just breathe- Keep pushing is my mission in life.

Letting ourselves be defined by anything, even things that are so apparent, like our gender, sexual preference, race or disability is no way to live. It’s no way I will let myself or my children live, so why do other people expect me to allow such behaviors from them?

The answer is simple. The answer points a finger. The answer stings. The answer is me.

People treat others as they are allowed to. Sad? Pathetic? Lame? You bet. But it’s the truth. We love to take advantage of life- be lazy where we can be. We often, as humans, forget the implications of our language.

We let people call us homo, fat, crazy, midget, whore. Because as a culture stopping these things is too “politically correct”. We fear that we are being “too sensitive”, we aren’t raising tough kids, or we ourselves do not have thick skin.

“Good luck this time!”
“Good for you- trying again.”
“Sucks you didn’t know before she was born.”
“Is there anything they can do for her when she’s older to make her taller?”

Fellow humans have said these things to me. Why does the world view dwarfism as something to be cured, rather than embraced as a difference?

We don’t want to question what others say. We give up our right to know about ourselves when we don’t ask the hard questions.

“I don’t know.”
“We will learn together.”
“Let’s come back to that.”
“This is my first one.”

Doctors have said these things to me. Why is the education about dwarfism so slim that many medical professionals fear the diagnosis of dwarfism- offering patients little education and less options.

My mantra, Keep pushing. For respect, for knowledge.

Do you see it yet? Do you feel the need to push?

There is change that can be made. There is change that needs to be made. There are generations coming up behind you and me, behind the children being born today and the children following them. There are millions of people yet to be born, and thousands will have a form of dwarfism.

But they will not be dwarfs.

They will be painters and doctors. They will be writers and scientists. They will be political leaders and dreamers and veterinarians. Those born with a form of dwarfism will love and be loved. They will change lives and shape the world for future generations. The way we need to now.

There is a need to define ourselves by what we want as a community and let the masses, not the few, lead the way. Television shows that pigeonhole this community, media misconceptions, movies and comedians are things of the past when we push- and keep pushing- to be defined not as little people, but as people. Height doesn’t make someone smart, or happy, or better than. Average height just makes you average.

Be spectacular regardless. Keep pushing.

When a doctor tells me they do not know, I ask, “how will you find the answer?” When I am given news about a health concern and then that same medical professional attempts to leave the room, I ask for further explanation. I ask what our course of action is. I ask what their medical opinion and experience are. What is the timeline. How do we proceed? I push to know more. I push to make them answer. To make them accountable for their diagnosis. I refuse to let Google do my doctoring. I refuse to leave not knowing.

Too many parents email me with the same story. It goes like this: The doctors told me my baby would be a dwarf. They gave me a packet of papers and told me to make appointments for these things. They told me to be prepared, but not for what.

More often than not, I offer my telephone number. I spend hours each week calming mothers-to-be and new parents. Not giving medical advice, but offering an ear and listening to questions that are left unanswered. Unanswered concerns from a doctor who left their patients with a handout and maybe a few people to call.

This is not OK. This is not how patients should be treated. Dwarfism is not unknown. Specialists exist!

In my hours on the phone I’ve looked up local hospitals with clinics, referred many to our own team in Delaware, and always given out the LPA’s website. Hours spent giving the same basic information that needs to be readily available to all patients with a diagnosis of dwarfism. Support, love and most importantly, knowledge.

Keep pushing.

Keep pushing so that when someone sees a person of short stature they smile, the same smile they offer any other human on the street. Why? Because a person of short stature is any other human.

Keep pushing to make changes, because if there is such an uprising about a professional football team name change, then there should be a change across the nation of high school sports teams named The Midgets. Because other people do not decide what offends you. Because other people don’t control our emotions. Because being sensitive, caring, respectful people is what defines a civilized culture. That is what humanity means. Because even doctors need to learn something new every day. Because bedside manner isn’t dead (and neither is chivalry, if you were wondering).

There isn’t a facet of our culture that doesn’t need advocacy from our community, so be that voice. Never stop pushing because it doesn’t bother you anymore, or because you think one person can’t make a difference. One voice. One community. One change at a time.

Keep pushing because letting ourselves be defined by anything, even things that are so apparent, like our gender, sexual preference, race or disability is no way to live. It’s no way I will let myself or my children live, and I won’t being defined by anyone but myself.



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Marvelous Monday

Last Monday was not my ideal day, but I woke up- and that, in and of itself, made it marvelous.

After we got news that Addie’s MRI wasn’t crystal clear, my heart sank, heavy in my chest. Friends reached out- sending love, prayers and hugs. I am still feeling those- thankful that so many who love our sweet lady and are standing behind her, no matter what the outcome. And then, there was an article.

My best friend was in a fit of worry. I could tell, as she’d called me about 4 times and sent some texts- everything from asking if I was OK to pictures and memes trying to get my mind off the news. And then she sent me an article, THIS article and I read it through tears of knowing, because all those late nights and stressful times that have come, I’ve never felt a moment of anything but thanks. This line resonated with me, heaving a sigh through my body as though I was reading something written about me from a total stranger: “You will never regret the sacrifices you make for them now.”

I know it is hard, this thing we refer to as parenting, but more than that? It’s rewarding. I’ve partied… a lot. I’ve celebrated, had girls’ night, gone on dates. And now, my nights are home. My friendships often get nourished through Skype chats and play dates of chasing babies. Some friends have come and some have gone.

But I have the love of my life and the sweet baby (almost babies!) we’ve made… and I have this.

Bath Time

A small body laid curled over my leg.

Yotion, she asked. The L adorably replaced.

How could I resist her plea?

I started with her neck.
Parting her hair to the side- her golden curls still wet from the water, leaving marks on my shorts.

I moved down her back, as she swirled her body around.
Her belly rubbing my skin below, her feet meeting below the bowing of her legs.

She was round where God intended.
Her perfect limbs curled in just that way.
With small fingers tucked neatly under her chin.

I massaged her soft skin,
between each roll and over every muscle.
Watching her eyelids grow heavy as she drifted to sleep.
Repeating the same songs my own mother sang to me as a child.

These are the moments in between all the other moments that I remember best.
Long summer days filled with gardens and sprinklers.
Bug catchers and pinwheels.
Laughter that the neighbors stop to enjoy.
A bath that leaves a ring of dirt- the telltale sign of a good day-
and the minutes that follow.

Just me and her.
Lying together under the fan.
A mother and child.

Love redefined in memories that are mine to remember.


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I received a t-shirt (that you can get, too!) in return for a blog post about Baby2Baby. All opinions are my own and are not swayed by the sponsor.

I’d never heard of the #JustForLove campaign Séraphine was running, but if you know Jessica Alba, you know Baby2Baby. As it turns out, Séraphine, the leading maternity fashion brand in the UK and US, kicked off their Mother’s Day celebrations by beginning this campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day this year to help raise as much money as possible for Baby2Baby. To do this, Séraphine is hosting a fundraising app HERE and are personally donating each time the app is used! So far they’ve raised $1184 (my photo submission was number 1,184)! It’s super easy to upload your own image to the site- and in an effort to spread the love as far and wide as possible, for every image uploaded to the site, Séraphine will donate $1 to the organization Baby2Baby. . Seriously, it’s that easy and more than worth it! The app works just like an Instagram feed, inviting everyone to post an image that represents their own personal moment of love- whatever that means for you. A picture of your baby bump, your child, a hug with your mother or your partner… it can be anything truly meaningful and symbolic of a loving moment.

AisForAdelaideSeraphone #baby2baby upload

If you don’t know what Baby2Baby is…
Baby2Baby provides low-income children, ages 0-12, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. Supported by a board of influential women, including celebrity moms Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, Baby2Baby will serve over 70,000 children this year by collecting and distributing donations of new and gently used children’s essentials.

#Aisforadelaide #JustforLove #baby2Baby #shop #makeadifference

See that gorgeous shirt I’m wearing? It’s a beautiful white top, scoop neck maternity tee produced by Séraphine. Around the belly is #justforlove… and every single time I wear it I get compliments. It’s not only gorgeous, but this day and age everyone wants to know “what does it mean?”! My answer is simple, It means I can give #JustForLove to another family.

For me this means that my wearing my shirt, wrapping my unborn in the phrase, is spreading the word about this important project (that’s coming to a close at the end of the month!). My favorite meaning of this whole project, why I am involved, why I think every city needs a program as selfless, is this:

#JustforLove #amotherslove #aisforadelaide


For any moms-to-be out there who want some beautiful fashion (I do love when fashion meets charity!), please consider visiting the site and ordering yourself a t-shirt HERE! They’re $20 each and 100% of the sale price goes to Baby2Baby, helping to increase support for the mothers and children they serve.

#aisforadelaide #shop #baby2baby #justforlove Make a difference


“To become a mother is to experience love in one of the strongest and purest ways imaginable, so we fully support Baby2Baby’s mission, helping mothers and their children in desperate situations,” said Cecile Reinaud, founder of Séraphine.

Please join me in the campaign and learn more by watching this moving video. Let’s help families… all by sharing a favorite photo!


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As weeks go by…

Wow… I remember taking weekly pictures of myself when I was pregnant with Addie and posting them with the phrase: Week x, Baby is the size of a lime, avocado, watermelon (JK)…

Now… I just try to take a picture within the right week. It’s never the actual date (does it gross you out that I know we conceived New Years Eve?) of the week, but I’m always close- and, as a seasoned second born, I know this is just gonna have to be good enough for Millie.

What IS really cool, is that this pregnancy is a bit more documented than Addie’s because I have this blog which reignited my passion for writing and squelches my desire to over-share… so, for those who are wondering where the heck the belly pics are, here’s a bit of sisterly combat already starting in the womb: Weeks by Sister!

The sisters are belly for belly early on...

The sisters are belly for belly early on…

Here, they begin to express their differences. Addie stayed rather low, while Millie moved up into the vital organs.

Here, they begin to express their differences. Addie stayed rather low, while Millie moved up into the vital organs, like the lungs…


...and there she is! Halfway there and Miss Camille Thea's incubator is far larger than Miss Adelaide's!

…and there she is! Halfway there and Miss Camille Thea’s incubator is far larger than Miss Adelaide’s!


I love being pregnant… even if I cannot breathe well and the impending summer is looming over my already sweaty body like a threat. I’m excited for sisters. I’m blessed to have more children. Bring it on third trimester! This mama is ready!

How was your body different each pregnancy?


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Marvelous Monday

It’s been over a year with the thankful dwarfism random format… and after tonight, I think to myself life is too damn marvelous to share it. So every Monday will be just about how marvelous this crazy thing is blessed to us for whatever length of time we get… Life. However that comes out- Life is too awesome to have constrictions on how we celebrate each marvelous week!


We drove all day.
This family of mine.
We crossed borders, walked parking lots, filled tanks and bellies and hearts with memories.

We succumbed to the life we’ve grown to love as we stepped inside our house.
Our home.
We stripped down to the skin we only bare to each other.
Sandals strewn across the hall floor,
clothes in a sweaty pile waiting to be washed.

The youngest naked with hand-sewn flowers covering her head…
Her small body- perfection in each movement.
Each curve and roll.

His muscular legs carrying his tired body,
remarkably chiseled from beneath his boxer briefs.
A reminder of his youth-
His bike.
Before us.

My belly,
full of movement one can feel and now see.
A reminder  of youth soon to be born.
What will be.
What is us.

We climbed into the small bed as I recited a book from my own childhood.
Her body arched back as only a toddler would find comfortable.
Her small arms wrapped around my neck,
her chest pushed into my face.
The salt and heat from her skin startle me.
The smell of dirt and sweat is somehow sweet against my nose.

I feel her grip loosen as she falls asleep.


We traveled many miles.
We filled tanks and bellies and hearts with memories.


June Fete 2014 #AISFORADELAIDE #motherslove

Have a beautiful week, Reader.



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I prefer “24 Months”

I can’t believe it’s here.

All the weeks that  have passed. The laughs that have filled our home and the tears that have followed. The hugs and subsequent falls. The meals we’ve shared around the table and the bags of popcorn passed around the bed. The many silences that gently filter through her newly forming sentences.

All of these things have brought us to where we are.


Happiest of birthdays to my sweet Adelaide Eileen.

#aisforadelaide #happybirthday #seondbirthday #two #2


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Marvelous Monday

What a wonderful weekend- jammed packed with all I am thankful for and all things dwarfism! I have mentioned LPA about a million times, and all the support they offer to the LP community, but there is so much more than that.

There are lifelong memories made by friends who see each other a few times a year. Parents who lament all the silly things that we get that no one else truly does. Not life-altering stuff, but finding shoes that fit, are cool and also comfy. Why moving a faucet can make life easier for your child. How to hem jeans. It’s the same old parenting things we all think about, but rarely do we encounter so many seemingly minuscule things over and over and over.

The best part? When Addie gets into a large group of kids, there are no worries because this community is watching over her- everyone.

This mama may be suffering from serious pregnancy hormones, but when Jackie and Avery (two fabulous young ladies) took Addie’s hands and walked her to their dance circle complete with other girls, and encouraged her to dance, laughed with her and never let her out of their sight, I walked away, took my seat, gripped a cup of ice water and swallowed my tears. My face was hot. My body felt cold.

#aisforadelaide #firstdance #lparegional #2014

My daughter already has an amazing life.

I watched what her Spring and Fall would bring each year, as our District regionals pass by. I saw middle school dances and girlie laughter about things that us parents would just never understand. As I sipped my water, surrounded by women I’ve grown to love in our brief, but powerful 21 months as LPA members, we laughed at my verge of crying.

#aisforadelaide #ladiesnight #LPAspringregional2014

I have an amazing life.

These moments are not forever. We have our struggles. We have some of the happiest moments of our lives without the LPA, or anything related to dwarfism. Being little, or big, or average does not define us. Having such fabulous friends, regardless of distance, giving my child the opportunity to live her life and being guided by those around me. That defines me. There is nothing like knowing that your life changes shape when you let go of the reigns and just live.

With $100 in our pocket and a cooler full of fruit, bread, peanut butter and tuna, we went to Cape Cod. It was our first regional with our LPA district. We got to ask questions. We got to answer a few. I shared a conversation with men and women. Some were my height, some were not. But the conversations were the same. Our kids were being crazy, they all needed to sleep, we all enjoyed the sunset at the banquet, our clothes seemed to be getting tighter as the New England winter ceases to end. I joked with my ladies about this and that. We all ragged on each other, shared hugs, high-fived the  kids.

Being members of the LPA has allowed us to NOT define our family by dwarfism, but to learn in a safe, well educated environment for ourselves, our daughter (and future baby!) and those who will learn from us. To balance our lives between doctors and normalcy, because at the end of each day, I am doing the same as any parent… reading 102 books before bed, watching my child guzzle more water than they consumed the entire day and praying they don’t spring a leak in the night, kissing her cheeks and watching the monitor (sure, I’m also listening for snores and leg movements, but that’s neither here nor there). Addie? She’s just like your child. And me? I’m just like you. Tired, stressed and loving every minute of this crazy, fast-paced thing they call Parenting.

#aisforadelaide #swimming #capecop #seacresthotel #lpaspringregional2014

And my random  of the week? If you missed it before, don’t forget to check out this awesome video below <3 <3 <3 (Yes… I’m a bit excited to share after holding it in for 13 weeks!!!!!)

Happy Monday, Reader!!!


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Upheaval of Life

Life is messy.

Since we left DC, I’ve been in a tizzy. I’ve been getting things done, then something happens: a heatwave, a death, a darkness creeping in. It all leaves me deserting my attempts at success, and inevitably cleaning.

Yesterday, I gutted the office. This might seem like a menial task, but our office is a true bedroom. It houses 2 desks, 2 computers, a large printer, a router, 2 filing cabinets, an unnecessary amount of framed pictures, 2 large bookshelves shoved to the brim with everything from Poe to Meyer to Machiavelli. Five race medals hang from a hook, my Dad’s old cowboy boots are nestled in the closet, along with an entire collection of Norman Rockwell plates. And pictures. There are a lot of pictures. I spent hours playing with Addie, and making a game out of piling things into the hall for mommy…

I also threw away a stack of photos almost a foot high:


I wish I could say this post was going to prompt me to write more and suddenly become focused, but I’m in a funk… I want to leave Rhode Island, and all the lack-of-opportunity behind. I want a place where I can meet people who don’t know everything about me. I want to write a new chapter.
… and during all of my digging yesterday, I found this gem from my JWU days:

Bottle top from a Magic Hat #9. C. 2004

Bottle top from a Magic Hat #9. C. 2004

I don’t know if where I’ve been matters, so I got rid of it. The letters, the ticket stubs, the photos in old frames, business cards and expired drivers licenses. The friendship keychains, passed notes, birthday cards, costume jewelry. Most of all, the pictures. Memories are just memories. They are meant to stay in our minds and fade as time goes by- that’s how we survive, grow and move on.

Collecting myself so we can get to where we are going in life… here we go!

P.S. Looking forward to a 10-part series about the LPA National Conference? Me too!


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Marvelous Monday!

So, It’s been QUITE the weekend. I think I am stressed for the next two weeks before they even happen. Don’t you hate when you do that to yourself?! I am combining MM with Mom Before Mom because… well, sometimes life just all comes together in sweet harmony. Read on!

This week I am thankful for my beautiful girl and her power of healing. We had a wonderful visit with the ENT two weeks ago to check on her tubes and they’re doing great! She seems like she is hearing SO much better, but I will have more conclusive, scientific results after our audiology appointment in May. Until then, we are back in the water and loving out new ear plugs- they’re even fun to try and eat!

Ear Plugs

Which brings me to the Mom Before Mom prompt from All of me Now this week: What was the first piece of music you couldn’t stop listening to? What was the first piece of music you bought?

I am so glad that Addie can hear! I can say that I remember driving my sister crazy when I was about 15, listening to Dave Matthew’s Band over and over- more specifically, Every dog has it’s day every day has it’s way of being forgotten- “Mom it’s my birthday.” What would you say?, and then restarting the song. Ah, the joys of newly made compact discs.

But my first favorite memories of music are the nights after Flyers’ games, when I was half asleep in the back of the car and my Dad put on Oldies 98fm Philadelphia for Doo Wop Sundays. As I drifted off to sleep, knowing that I would wake up in the morning safe in my bed, I listed to some amazing songs like Earth Angel, In the Still of the Night, Sixteen Candles, I Only Have Eyes for You, Why do Fools Fall in Love, A Teenager in Love, Pretty Little Angel Eyes, Life is But a Dream, Blue Moon, Tears on my Pillow, Sunday Kind of Love, Since I Don’t Have You, and my all-time favorite Unchained Melody. These songs all bring me back to a time where I knew (almost) nothing bad in this world existed. Where all evils could be cured by a hug from my Dad.

I want this for Addie. I am thankful that Dave and I can give her the gift of music, and that Dr. G was able to give her (back) the miracle that is hearing. Dave is a very talented musician and he needs to share that with her. I want to give my little angel all the happy memories and related history that comes along with different musical eras. To cherish memories that were both mine as a child, and my Dad’s (him being young in the 50′s and growing up with this music), gives me the “old soul” I’m said to possess. Passing on my love of music is something I am proud to give to Addie and cannot wait to share with her more and more as she grows into her likes and dislikes… or maybe I can wait- if it means NOT having to listen to the same Sesame Street song over and over and over!

* * *

This week, in light of Easter, I’d love to focus my information about dwarfism to weight. Addie had a beautiful Easter shoot last weekend, as a model for one of my wonderful friends, Lynette, owner of Exalt Photography.
Exalt PhotographyYesterday was Easter and we had a beautiful time as a family! We went to Home Depot, snuggled in, boiled eggs we never dyed, and had a wonderful dinner at my bestie’s house… we also had an Easter basket!

Easter Basket

… with no candy or food of any kind involved. Someone made a point of emailing me to tell me that I shouldn’t feel superior just because I don’t give Addie sweets or candy because she’s young and I will someday. My response, quite simply, is OK. I don’t feel superior to anyone for any reason. The feeling that you need to email me to tell me that giving Addie candy and sweets is in some way inevitable is a given, makes me wonder why you are so passionate about this issue. She will have these things, but they do not have to come from our home. In no way does that ever need to happen. Will it? Sure. But I have made a parenting decision- equally with Dave- that sweets and treats will not be a part of our holidays. Instead, we choose books. Addie has gotten a special book for each holiday thus far. Perhaps she will get a special DVD one year, or a specific outfit. But, there are so many opportunities for junk outside the home, there is no need for me to spend my money supplying such things. It is not a judgement on what others do… it is just our prerogative.

With that being said: lots of other children do not have the automatic predisposition to obesity. Not being overweight. Obesity. I am a healhty person by nature. I like salad, I enjoy running and I come from a family of athletic people. While Addie is partly my genetic make-up, she is also Dave’s, who comes from a less athletic family. And she’s also something completely different from us. She is her! Children with achondroplasia have a high-risk for weight issues. I’ve been on a few sites in the last 10 months that have parents asking for dietary tips for their achondroplastic children… their 4 to 7 year olds, who are being placed on dietary restrictions because of their weight. That is terrifying to me. In a world where primary concerns are looks and weight, especially for girls, I am concerned for Addie. I want to give her the right foods now to avoid the issue of childhood dieting (which can have terrible emotional consequences, and often times don’t last) later. If Addie doesn’t have fast food (which Dave and I do not ever eat. Ever.), juices (they’re all sugar) or cake and candy, I won’t be setting her up for failure. Just a bite here and there at home, as regulated as they are, do not account for what she will encounter outside the home. Just a few extra pounds on her will effect her hips (she has dysplasia), knees and ankles, not to mention her spine- in-which she has some minor issues now.

It may seem like we are “hippy-dippy” (as I was recently called and chuckled about) because we have no TV, we don’t ever go through a drive-thru and I refuse to give Addie junk food (she snacks on peas- and rarely her auntie gives her puffed cereal), but I’m truthfully just trying to give her the best start to life as I can. How many play dates will be spent playing a video game or watching a movie (she still has never watched a movie)? How many parents will grab chicken fingers from BK for dinner when Addie gets a ride home? How many birthday parties will have pizza, cake and ice cream? A lot. I want Addie to learn about wonderful raw foods, foods cooked with love and care- prepared with whole ingredients that she can identify and learn to use in her own ways. I want Addie to learn how to play outside in the hot Summer sun, the warm Spring air, the brisk chill and leaves of Fall, and the snowy days in a New England Winter. I want her to like to dance in the rain, the way I do. There wasn’t a reason to be inside (except for lightening and thunder) as a child, and for that reason I am an active, healthy adult.

I guess as crazy as I seem, I am not trying to restrict her from ever having certain foods or watching TV, but I make the conscious decision to not have them in my home (for my sake as much as her’s), and to not spend my money on them. What other people do and all the elements of the world… they’re not something I can control. Addie will make decisions for herself as she gets older, and I will make those decisions for her now, as other parents do for their children. Sometimes Addie will be in the crosshairs of our family values and others. That’s OK! That’s growing up and becoming your own person- acceptance, respect and, at minimum, tolerance of other values are wonderful life lessons. I never ate Big Macs and therefore I never want one. I don’t battle with weight or weight-related illness. It’s just that simple. Many things in Addie’s life are bound to be struggles. With a healthy lifestyle, weight doesn’t have to be one of them.

* * *

My random of the week (of which there are two) is a BIG Happy Birthday to my amazing hubby Dave and his business partners Domenick and Jamez. Their business BSharp has been open for TEN YEARS!!!!! It may not be what keeps us afloat anymore, but it is an accomplishment to keep a business alive for 10 years, especially in this economy, especially in Rhode Island. Just ask Curtis Montague Schilling, also known as Curt, who couldn’t make a business work with 75 million dollars. I digress. Happy birthday, BSharp! I love you, Dave. I am so proud to be the wife of such an amazing, dedicated man. Working two jobs to keep your ladies together means more to both of us than we could ever tell you <3



It’s back – Say Yes to the Prom Dress! The Pawtucket Community Partnership Team Against Violence are looking for donations of gently used prom dresses! Make arrangements to drop off your clean and generous donations to make a teen’s DREAM COME TRUE by calling us at (401) 723-3057 by April 12th.

Addie and I dropped off 15 dresses last week

Addie and I dropped off 15 dresses last week

Dresses 15

We will pick dresses up from you and make the delivery! It’s so easy to help!

Have a fantastic week, Reader!!!


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Move over… it’s all about me!

Is it that time again? I’m loving these Mom Before Mom posts and learning about all of my favorite bloggers out there. Thank you Carla at AllofMe…Now!

This prompt is: How did you celebrate your birthday? Do you have a favorite celebration? Worst? From the cake to the presents to the guests, invite us in to the party.

In the years prior to wifedom and mom, I was pretty cool :) I’d love to describe Worth before Martinka in the birthday zone… or at least my early, in which I knew a thing or two about life after 10pm. But, I’m not sure I can remember those times. So, here are my past few celebrations. They all mean something special to me and I have the best of, though few in numbers, no less mighty in love, friends a girl could ask for.

As a general rule, we don’t do physical gifts… at least not from friends. A drink purchased, a dinner, a movie. I love memories being made. My friend Tracey has taken me to see Twilight every year for my day… this year, due to no vampire flick, we will be seeing Catching Fire :) Another time, I was treated to a mini/pedi/massage. And, my best friend took me to a fancy sushi restaurant this past year one night and Dave took me to another the next!

Addie celebrating with me at Sakura. PVD, RI

Addie celebrating with me at Sakura. PVD, RI

Those are gifts- the memories that come and the times we will always share. My ever-generous Mom and mother-in-law always splurge on me, and my hubby has taken to getting me a beautiful charm for each occasion in life to add to my Kay’s Charmed Memories bracelet.

Mostly, my celebrations in the past few years have consisted of my gal pals enjoying drinks and the company of each other, or an amazing vacation. For these things, I am truly blessed.  Of course, I have a worst birthday (23rd), which consisted of me being kicked out of a bar, my boyfriend and I being publicly intoxicated and argumentative and my friends, who had driven over 250 miles from Philadelphia, sleeping in my rented portion of an illegal-to-live-in-warehouse with no heat and no bed (I didn’t have heat or a bed that entire winter, so they can all get over it). But, who wants to hear about that?!

There was 24… and it was awesome! I went home to PA to celebrate my engagement and my birthday, and seeing my mom is always a bonus!

Me and Mom!

Me and Mom!

Dave me and my Best, Nick

Dave me and my Best, Nick

Dave wore his ring since we got engaged <3

Dave wore his ring since we got engaged <3

I also got to spend my birthday night in the booth at Thee Red Fez in Providence (recently sold and bought by an awesome dude… I can’t wait to check it out). Friends came, much was laughed about, an Oreo cake presented itself to me, and there were drinks-a-plenty!

fallishpix 012


Yep, 24 was great.

My 25th birthday fell about 3 months after Dave and I were married, so we decided to honeymoon then. Riviera Maya, Mexico!!! What a happy birthday to me! And my 27th birthday, with a belly full of baby, we made the incredible journey to Honolulu, Hawaii for my oldest friend’s wedding! (Hawaii travel tip, sans baby: book a year in advance AND get the cheapest place- you’ll never be in your room anyway!)

Happy 25th

Happy 25th

Happy 27th!

Happy 27th!

My 26th was your usual wine and dine… psych! Dave took me to breakfast. It was supposed to be to a place we went to while we were dating… a chain we joked we were bringing back, but only went to once… We found out it was closed when we got there, so we went to T’s (another favorite of mine). While there, Dave whipped out a game of hangman he had made for me (I love hangman!).


The game led us to a beautiful, crisp day getting apples from a farm and walking our new puppy, Carter (now a beast at 70 pounds) in the woods. A wonderful birthday, marked by the experience surrounding it:

26 years!

26 years! (note to self: NEVER cut your own bangs!)

I guess I’m more of a visual person… I could not even begin to write about a traditional birthday for me because, since childhood, there has been no tradition. No particular place I go, or drink I drink or cake I crave- it varies by year, as I grow and change, so do my celebrations. What I do know is that I get to have experiences gifted to me; memories no material gift could ever replace.


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