It’s Easy as A-B-C!

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Sometimes I am convinced I live in the dark ages of the blogging community. I have found some AMAZING blogs…  [Continue Reading]


Marvelous Monday!

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So, It’s been QUITE the weekend. I think I am stressed for the next two weeks before they even happen.  [Continue Reading]

Moving on…

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How did you choose what to do after high school? Did anyone provide valuable advice which influenced your decision? This  [Continue Reading]

From "Star of Davida" on Blogspot

Would you like peanuts?

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As if I haven’t mentioned this before… I LOVE these Mom before Mom prompts. They bring me back to some  [Continue Reading]

The day he was adopted!

Family Pet

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This week’s Mom before Mom prompt from Carla at All of Me Now… 3/9 Did you have a favorite pet?  [Continue Reading]

From www.mommymusings.com

Chicken and Stars

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I love this Mom before Mom series. Thank you Carla at All of Me… Now!This week’s topic is interesting because  [Continue Reading]

I cried the whole song. Al just held me up like I was his baby girl crying in the middle of the night.

Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight

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Prompt #7: Walk us through your bedtime routine as a kid. As a teen. Anything you still do now? Mom  [Continue Reading]


Dearest Jeep Jeep…

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The next Mom before Mom prompt: What kind of car did your family drive? What played on the radio? Where  [Continue Reading]

Pool Party at the Y

So This is Love?

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This week’s prompt in the Mom Before Mom series truly struck me: Do you remember your first romantic thoughts? How  [Continue Reading]

Dave me and my Best, Nick

Move over… it’s all about me!

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Is it that time again? I’m loving these Mom Before Mom posts and learning about all of my favorite bloggers  [Continue Reading]