Marvelous Monday

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Oh my gosh! Are we here?! We are! Happy Monday, Reader! Addie and I are thankful that we made it  [Continue Reading]


Time Marches On

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… or crawls or walks. At 8 1/2 months, we don’t really sit up yet. While Christmas is in the  [Continue Reading]

Early Intervention

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Addie went to Early Intervention for her physical interview.  She automatically qualifies for the program based on her diagnosis, but  [Continue Reading]

3 months

Brass Tacks

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When you boil it down, there is a ton of information about parenting; breast feeding, diapering, scheduling, milestones, sleep patterns,  [Continue Reading]


Corporate America. There’s Hope.

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I was disappointed.  Using a baby carrier was amazing to me. I was a baby wearing mama. Holding my little  [Continue Reading]

Motor Skills

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I fear that some of Addie’s motor skills will be behind… because that is what I’ve read, I’ve researched and  [Continue Reading]


‘A’ is for Adelaide and Achondroplasia

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I’m not sure where to begin. I could go back to camping.  That amazing 2-days my husband, Dave and I  [Continue Reading]