Marvelous Monday

It was Hell. The week (plus) of recovery that was supposed to be “a few days”.

I wish that was an exaggeration, but as far as common procedures go, tubes and adenoids tops the list. For Addie, there was the consideration of her spinal compression, so we stayed one night for observation where she turned up roses. The kid was a peach.

Then Wednesday struck.

Let’s start with admission…

She was great! We played and I wore a hairnet over my hat and looked really cool. (I was annoyed by one of the nurses who kept reading her name as “Adeline”- not a great way to instill confidence in a parent- but other than that it was OK.

#aisforadelaide #smilethoughyourheartisbreaking #hospital #surgery

I wrote about the surgery before… it was fine. A-OK. And then we made it to recovery… where she was upset and groggy and didn’t really want to come out of it until we’d been wheeled to her room for our stay.

This made for a late night-  so it was nice that Dave came to the hospital and stayed with us until after midnight when she finally nodded off. We’d all eaten some Boston Market (my pregnancy fave!) and watched some movies and I was feeling relieved that, besides some pain, Addie seemed to be bouncing back quickly!

#aisforadelaide #recovery #surgery #hasbro

The next morning was still uneventful as a few of our doctors were at the hospital that morning- the pediatrician, neurosurgeon and ENT- we got a few visitors and I grabbed myself a coffee from the cart before being handed discharge papers, a bottle of ear drops and heading towards the elevators. Good-bye 5th floor!

#aisforadelaide #readytogohome #recovery #adenoidectomy

Addie still seemed great, if a bit groggy, but I expected nothing less, so we headed home. After her bath she asked to sleep, so I tucked her in bed next to me and while I worked on the laptop, she napped. It was a loud nap- her snoring was rattling my brain and she cried in her slumber. When she woke up I offered her something to eat to no avail and gave her some Motrin, as per doctor’s orders. The night got progressively lethargic as she didn’t eat much dinner and was fussy to sleep.

It was well after midnight and I’d just finished working for the night when I saw her pop up on the monitor. She shot straight up and started to cry. Something is wrong, I felt it in my bones. I ran in, Dave and I practically knocking each other over to get to her and as he shut off her air conditioning, I brought her into our room. I could feel her warmth, and as I made a request for the thermometer I felt the hot, wet slip down my back. Sweet potatoes. The ones I’d made for dinner. They’d reappeared for us onto the bed, so I stripped us both and went to wash up while Dave helped and switched the bedding.

I called the emergency line for the ENT. The doctor told me to keep her hydrated and medicated to keep the fever down and call in the morning. The fever didn’t break for days. Food was nothing Addie desired- not even popsicles or pudding. I could see her ribs. And she cried through every night, even with the ibuprofen and acetaminophen regimen we had. I felt lost. When she finally was feeling better enough to get out of bed, I saw that her head was tilted slightly forward and she wouldn’t move it up. We went for a trip out of the house- the first in days- and she’d found a way to maneuver herself so that her head wouldn’t move. While I was impressed with her resourcefulness, I was scared, too. Why was her fever still there, and the crying in her sleep and now she wouldn’t move her head…?

We went to the pediatrician. We called the ENT. We conferred with the end result exactly as I’d thought: Addie was having an extremely rare, albeit not unknown reaction to adenoid removal.

#aisforadelaide #adenoiectomy #rarereaction #surgery #recovery

But now we are here. With the help of serious antibiotics, a lot of time in bed, and fluids, and after 11 days, Addie was on the mend and closer to being herself! I am thankful for recovery… and life lessons. Many times I thought I knew what an outcome would be, and many times I’ve been wrong. In this case, I knew that Addie would be OK, I just expected it quicker. She’s my warrior and I realize that the time it took for her to heal is that what makes her so- it’s the fact that she did it with such  courage. While I felt a breaking inside, she never did. Every time I asked her if she was OK, she would take my face between her hands and kiss me. She never answered. I don’t think she wanted to tell me, “no,” no matter how bad it hurt.

How could I not be thankful for this blessing… A child who looks out for her mother.

As we embark on this week with an MRI and the final decision as to whether Addie will have spinal decompression surgery, I open my mind to being stronger and more supportive of whatever is thrown at me- because this isn’t about me, this is about Addie and she deserves that much in a mom.

#aisforadelaide #perfection #recovery #surgery #adenoids

Your love and prayers are, as always, appreciated.
Have a beautiful week, Reader.



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  1. You have my thoughts, prayers, love, hugs, smooches, admiration, respect, adoration, sympathy, empathy, power, strength, cheering, rallying…..anything you might need :-)

  2. lilly ink

    How my heart aches for you – who is also supposed to be pampered a little now. Please know that you and your brave little girl (like mother, like daughter) are in my thoughts. May you and the doctors have the wisdom to make all the right decisions about your precious little princess. So glad that she is now better.

  3. susan worth

    And so it goes…and we are blessed by our Adelaide!

  4. She is such a precious little thing to give you those kisses as a response to your questions. I will most definitely pray for you in your decision making!
    Liz Mays recently posted…What to Do About Foods That Cause Digestive IssuesMy Profile

  5. Angie Martin

    Poor little peanut, and poor Mama! Hoping she continues to get better! She is learning from your strength! What a sweet girl!

  6. I am so sorry that you are going through so much with your baby. Sounds like he little body is just not happy with everything that is going on right now. I hope that the MRI sheds some lights and helps you and your husband make some what I can’t even image are very difficult decisions on your next steps. Good luck.
    I hope Adelaide is feeling all better and is starting to feel up to eating all of her favorite foods.
    Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) recently posted…Teething Puppy Can’t Chew on Audiobooks #audiobooksforfallMy Profile

  7. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    She is such a trooper and I know I don’t even know you in real life (we need to change that since we live so close to each other), but you are seriously one of the strongest mothers I know.

  8. Poor baby!! I feel so bad for this little angel having to of course be the one to get the rare reaction. Prayers being sent!
    Amy Desrosierss recently posted…Cheesy Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Dressing Recipe #FoodDeservesDeliciousMy Profile

  9. They say being a parent is always hard, and then I read this and I can only imagine what you were feeling. So sorry to hear she had that reaction and all the anxiety and worry that came with it. I will be praying for you guys in your decision. She is such a darling girl, and so strong, just like her mama!!! HUGS!
    Kelsey Apley recently posted…Have WiFi Everywhere With – AT&T Unite Pro Mobile HotspotMy Profile

  10. Rachel

    It is not possible for you to be stronger, only for you to realize and fully accept what Addie already knows – just how strong you are. Her little seed takes root in that strength which will nourish and sustain her through all that lies ahead this month, this year and throughout her lifetime. How mighty she will be…..

  11. Awww such a strong little girl you have. Hope this week is a good one!
    Elizabeth @ Being MVP recently posted…Family Outdoor Adventures in Maui #showusyourmess #pmedia #adMy Profile

  12. Your daughter is so brave and I am so glad she is on the path to recovery. Good luck in the future and I hope she is feeling well!

  13. I’m so sorry to heard that little Addie had such bad experience with her adenoid removal. She’s such a little trooper, and you two are really great parents!
    Jennifer recently posted…Spooky Campfire Stories Come Alive with AudibleMy Profile

  14. I am hoping for the best, that she will not need the surgery. Please keep us updated on the appointment.
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…Johnson’s Baby Promise To You With The New Formulated Products #JOHNSONSBaby #PromiseToBabyMy Profile

  15. She is so inspiring and a tough cookie and you 2 are such awesome parents.
    April recently posted…Start Your Day RightMy Profile

  16. Oh goodness, what a scary experience! I hate seeing my kids in so much pain and not feeling well. I can’t even imagine!
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Easy Ice Cream cupcakes, perfect dessert for Birthday Parties!My Profile

  17. I cannot even imagine! What a strong little girl you have!
    Francine @ Teresa’s Family Cleaning recently posted…How to Create a DIY Chemical Free Cleaning KitMy Profile

  18. Hospitals are no fun for anyone. I can imagine she was done with it quickly as I had that experience with one boy (burn unit.)
    LauraOinAK recently posted…August Audio Fest at Best BuyMy Profile

  19. Shauna

    Oh my goodness, how scary… I can’t imagine all that you went through… I know you have some hard decisions so I send you good vibes, thoughts and prayers.

  20. Oh, my heart! That sweet face needs some relief, stay strong mama!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Insider Nail Tips With TrindMy Profile

  21. How scary. She is totally a fighter with awesome parents beside her.
    Nolie recently posted…How To Handle Raising Boys ~ Homemaker MondayMy Profile

  22. Pam

    I’m so sorry that Addie had such a bad reaction. That would have been terrifying to me as a mother.

  23. Wow, what an incredible journey. You are stronger than I am! I’d be a big ball of tears watching my little one go through all that.
    Janel recently posted…Baked Nachos RecipeMy Profile

  24. Just wanted to pop in and leave a comment to let you know my thoughts are with your family. I hope Adelaide is continuing to feel lots and lots better. You are such an amazing mom!
    Nicole B recently posted…Early Learning with DK Baby Touch and Feel BooksMy Profile

  25. Oh my gosh how scary! When you mentioned her head/neck I was thinking Meningitis. My brother had his adenoids out, but luckily I don’t think there were any complications. I’m glad she is on the mend, what a trouper!
    Kathleen Garber recently posted…5 Ways to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week Part 3My Profile

  26. Sandra

    Great photos! And what a brave little girl!

  27. Awwww I love it.. I love your Monday posts :-) she is such a doll
    CrazyMom a/k/a Melanie recently posted…Ready for a Girls night in ~ Why not have some fun and join us for the #PlatinumPoints Twitter party?My Profile

  28. Awwww! She is such a sweetheart. I’m sorry to hear you had a rough week. Your family is in my prayers.
    Marina @ Mommy Snippets recently posted…Introducing the Urbini Omni 3-in-1 Travel SystemMy Profile

  29. What a scary response to the surgery!!! Glad to hear she is on the mend and recovering
    Tammileetips recently posted…Join the #ListerineDesign Twitter Party August 7 2014 at 1pm est!My Profile

  30. Ann BAcciaglia

    What a scary story, I am so glad to her that she is getting better. It is so hard to see our kids in pain. She is such a trooper, a very special little girl.

  31. What a scary story! She is a little trooper and such a cutie. Glad she is better! Thanks for sharing your story!

  32. Poor sweet girl. I never would expect she would get so sick from that surgery. So sorry to hear about your experience. Glad she is doing better now.
    Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted…Top 5 Things I Loved About Blogger Bash NYC 2014 #BBNYCMy Profile

  33. Poor little thing and poor mom. I am glad that she is feeling better now, that is a shame she had to go through this. It is never fun when you aren’t feeling good.
    Stefani Tolson recently posted…The Samsung Chef Collection #MasterYourHomeMy Profile

  34. Brett

    I hope she’s back to herself soon! She has a great mommy.

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