To father-in-laws to daughters wihoutt fathers. #anopenlettter #family #love

An Open Letter to Father-in-Laws to Daughters with no Father

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To all the men out there being father-in-laws to women without fathers… love them like they are your own. Make  [Continue Reading]

Loss and Motherhood

Loss and Motherhood

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Loss in motherhood is much different than when you’re a child. I know this because I had a lot of  [Continue Reading]

Happy birthday Addie and Jude! #prayforJude #aisforadelaide

Happy 3rd Birthday!

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A day before she was 3, my sweet Adelaide was still just 2. She sat in her dance class, and  [Continue Reading]

Fashion + Breastfeeding beachwear for mamas! Get ready for #summer!

Breastfeeding Beachwear *review*

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I was given a bathing suit from Milk & Baby to facilitate my review. All opinions are, as always, my  [Continue Reading]

#CamilleThea and #aisforadelaide are loving this week's blog challenge promt! #52WeeksA4A

The Weather, #52WeeksA4A

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OH THE WEATHER!!!! I could not imagine what ideas I was going to come up with for The Weather, but  [Continue Reading]


5 Days of Spring Break with Kids in Daytona Beach, FL *guest post*

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Full of lovely stretches of beach combined with amazing family friendly activities, Daytona is the perfect spring break destination. We  [Continue Reading]

What are your 100 Dreams? #aisforadelaide

100 Things , #52WeeksA4A

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There are dreams we have and dreams we take. Dreams we make and ones we know we could never achieve.  [Continue Reading]

What do you want for #mothersday? A beautiful sapphire pendant is on my wishlist. #aisforadelaide #sponsored

What does she want for Mother’s Day?

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A is For Adelaide wants to thank Angara for sponsoring this post. “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” he  [Continue Reading]

Check these #nocandy #EasterBasket ideas! #aisforadelaide

The No Candy Easter Basket!

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Easter celebrations are candy-less in our house. It’s partly because I’m still holding strong to not giving Addie candy and  [Continue Reading]

The last Marvelous Monday post for a while... but never fear! More content coming to YOU! #aisforadelaide

Marvelous Monday

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This weekend was, as many Spring weekends are, a whirlwind of STUFF! Parties and Easter celebrations are ringing around our  [Continue Reading]