Sleep Study Hair Care

Happy 21 weeks to my beautiful baby girl!

Clean baby, happy mommy!

After her sleep study, Addie’s hair was a mess and it took a few tries to fix it. Sleep studies more than once in a lifetime are common with children with achondroplasia because of head size and spinal constrictions, so I wanted to learn how to un-goop my baby before the next one. If anyone ever wonders what to do, here it is! …at least it worked for us!

So… after a few hits and misses:

The tech washed Addie’s hair before we left Boston Children’s, but it was still REALLY matted and sticky. The BEST option you have is a tech who is uses a little of the goop and lots of the dissolver, but if that doesn’t happen, you get hair that looks like (red pen and all):

When we got home I tried her usual shampoo, twice, and tried to comb it through, but it was still gunky in a few spots.

This is what we did, and her hair is beautiful and shiny again:

  1. Two shampoos, during which I finger-picked the goopy stuff in her hair
  2. A super-thick conditioner. I used a comb to work through the goop until her hair was soft again.
  3. Shampoo, one more time, with a VERY small amount
  4. Rinse hair really well
  5. Brush hair back out with no-more tangles to make sure it’s soft again

As for her face, which was a little broken out and had some sticky stuff left on, I used the Boogie Wipes (which are just saline wipes), to clean her skin.

By 2pm, we were back in business- still a bit tired, but the physical remnants of our first sleep study had been washed away!

Thank you to all of the parents who gave me ideas on how to clean Miss Adelaide off! (Including this gem: try coconut or olive oil with a drop of orange essential oil!!!)

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