My letter to you

My sweet baby girl,

I haven’t written in a while, but I know we express our love to each other every day. From the moment you wake up and find yourself rolled up between me and Daddy to the times you beg for a “kish” as I’m struggling to finish dinner. All these moments wrapped up into each 24-hour time period together make my heart swell bigger and bigger at the close of each day. I swear, sometimes I close my eyes and my chest hurts from the love that is so smooshed into my body- the love that you’ve shown me. The love that Daddy possesses for you- the smile that beams across his face, no matter the worry that is buried in his heart.

You’re amazing.

For all the times I cannot stop what I am doing and you just need “uppahs mama, peese!”… thank you for understanding that being strapped onto me is the only way it can happen. For running your tiny fingers through my hair and resting your head into my neck. For giving small kisses to my shoulders and playing with my earrings.

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Thank you for teaching me that innocence is something to embrace, not break. The unknown is not scary… in fact, it can be a blessing.

I love you so much,

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