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This past weekend we attended our first regional event for our LPA district. While I love eating out, when you’re paying for everything away from home, while still paying for your home (wouldn’t it be cool to suspend your mortgage if you weren’t there?!), that can be a weighty financial burden. So, we did what anyone would do. We packed food and gift certificates- which we used to treat ourselves to dinner!

In our cooler we had:

#aisforadelaide #vacationisntaboutgoingbroke

This stash, plus a stop for a bunch of bananas, got us through 2 breakfasts, a lunch and snack times without hesitation. We ended up treating ourselves to coffee (because we are coffee snobs) as well as a special baked good from a local bakery, Plum Beach Bakery. For $1, their glorified dough boy left Dave and I stuffed! So, while we can’t control the price of fuel or tolls, we can control our food costs with some planning!

Best tip: PACK WATER BOTTLES! Even when you’re traveling and cannot bring a cooler of food (say on an airplane), you can always bring water bottles for everyone in the family. For this trip, we brought enough water so that we would not have to drink from the tap, but when we fly, we bring empty Nalgene and CamelBacks so we know that we can fill them up at a bar (just remember to tip the tender) and board with it!

And what else do we struggle with as parents who want to travel?  Ahh… The dreaded hotel room-with-a-child situation. Addie too big to sleep in a Pack n’ Play and the hotel cribs are often not full size, so those are a no-go, too. A big bed? By herself? No rails? No thanks.

But wait!
Those decorative pillows are not for naught! They are for bed rails!

From The Sea Crest Hotel website (Falmouth, MA)

From The Sea Crest Hotel website (Falmouth, MA)

Using the large cylindrical pillows under the fitted sheet, I created bumpers along the sides of the bed. Addie was able to sleep by herself, safely, while Dave and I watched over her and cringed each time she kicked… knowing it would have been his face, or my back, had we not put what we had at hand to good use. Sharing a bed with your child is a beautiful thing- until the day your child becomes a smallest bucking bronco one has ever seen.

#aisforadelaide #lifehack #hotelhack #travelhack

She only looks innocent. Don’t let her smile fool you.

#aisforadelaide #seacresthotel #lifehack

What travel-hacks have made your life easier? Share below!!!

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