How Do You Handle Hate?

So… People ask: Are there still negative comments coming to you?

The answer: Yep.

Sometimes, they’re still really hurtful and sometimes they’re funny- not because of content- because the delivery is so, so awful. So. When I get a nasty email, how do I respond? (Please, do read the whole email… at the end is a comment from somebody regarding, no joke, stoopitity

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It’s been a year and a half. Move on.

Hate breeds hate. Laughter… well laughter feeds the soul.
Feed your soul, Reader. Hate will only starve those who serve it.


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12 Responses to How Do You Handle Hate?

  1. Ugh, I can’t even begin to understand how people have time to send such hate in an email. As much as I want to be angry and yell at people like that, I have to feel sorry for them because they must be unhappy and insecure. I will be honest, I handle hate by letting it fester a bit, talking it out to death and then eventually let it go. You are amazing Chelley, and kudos to you for being so graceful. :)
    Courtney Buteau recently posted…Random baby tips from a second time (soon-to-be third time) momMy Profile

    • I don’t understand the hate, in general. At this point, I think it is kind of amusing- like those “OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!” posts on Facebook which are articles from years ago. Always makes me smile… be angry about something (or think it is “stoopid”) but, for the love of all things holy, keep it together, man! ;)
      martinkadelux recently posted…How Do You Handle Hate?My Profile

  2. joy

    “Stoopid” is what they are :-) Strong is what you are :-)
    joy recently posted…Block Island Organics: Block out or BurnMy Profile

  3. You. Are. My. Hero. I’m speechless. What is WRONG with this person? Seriously? I think she’s on something…seriously. Either that or she is from another planet. The planet STOOPID.
    @JackieHennesse1 recently posted…Doll Heaven?My Profile

  4. HAHAHA! Right?! I think they are funny… but I have no energy. I didn’t even read the whole rant until I caught (hello Grammar Chick) the “stoopi…” and I was like WOAH! I just can’t help but laugh. It’s been over a year. Let’s try ranting about something else, shall we? lol.
    martinkadelux recently posted…How Do You Handle Hate?My Profile

  5. What is it about the internet….?

  6. Haters are always going to hate. I feel bad for these people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to be uniformed small minded bullies. I’m still beyond proud of you and love the change that you have created!

    • Thanks, Mary! I will never understand “trolls”. I don’t have time to get my work done (on the computer) most days… to troll the web and send hate is just so time consuming. So many tell me to “grow up” or “get a life”… I’m like, “talk to yourself, much?” HA!
      martinkadelux recently posted…Dear CamilleMy Profile

  7. People really are unbelievable sometimes! Get a life!! :-)
    Melissa Hillas recently posted…Gypset Travel ~ Glamping in Yellowstone National ParkMy Profile

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