All That Swaggers is Good

Dear Adelaide,

I love being your mom. I’ve been watching you these past few weeks and you’ve just grown leaps and bounds… even in your feet (they’re holding you up so much better since surgery)!

I teared up watching you walk the other day. The way you swagger like no other, the bow in your legs,and sway in your back offering me a comfort others may take for granted. Regardless of things so many doctors said, you’re walking and running. Your gait distinctly Adelaide Eileen. There’s no mistaking all that makes you uniquely you… and it is that which brings me to tears and laughter. All at the same time. This summer has been hard, but I know that whatever you face, we will face together- and it is your strength that will bring us through.

#aisforadelaide #amotherslove #swagger #strength

As we enter another chapter- you becoming a big sister- I’m excited to see how much you flourish!

I love you and your swagger,




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12 Responses to All That Swaggers is Good

  1. Ah! She looks so happy to be walking, swagger and all! :) I can tell you really just love her to pieces. She is precious!
    Heather recently posted…This Year’s Climb To Conquer CancerMy Profile

  2. Aww what a sweet post! Sometimes children just need their own time, docs are not always right.
    Jenn recently posted…Gymboree Labor Day Sale 40% offMy Profile

  3. So sweet… we really do find everything amazing about these little people we create!
    Christina S recently posted…Owen’s on the MoveMy Profile

  4. Awe. The love for your child is awesome.
    Debi recently posted…Working from Home and Why I Shop OnlineMy Profile

  5. katrina g

    love it! so very very true

  6. It gives me goosebumps all over while am reading your post. It sounds like your baby girl is so strong. I know that she will do great and very beautiful as she grow up. I wish you a very healthy pregnancy as well.
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted…How to practice singing with Voice Caster from VocoproMy Profile

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