Is this normal?
Common issues for post Adenoidectomy, Myringotomy, and Tube Placement. CLICK HERE

These are the growth charts presented to me from Dr. Bober and Angie Duker at AI Dupont in Delaware. Please print them for your own use and spread this knowledge! Many times pediatricians do not have the correct charts for our children.

Personally, my pedi marks where Addie is on a new chart every time we come in. It is then plotted, manually, on a chart scanned into the computer. It is more work for the doctor, but, as a patient, we expect and deserve individual care for Addie.

Weight for Height (males)

Weight for Height (females)

Height (females)

Height (females)

Height (males)

Head Circumference (females)

Head Circumference (females)

Head Circumference (males)

Height by Weight (females)

Height by Weight (males)

Milestone Chart