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Common issues for post Adenoidectomy, Myringotomy, and Tube Placement. CLICK HERE

These are the growth charts presented to me from Dr. Bober and Angie Duker at AI Dupont in Delaware. Please print them for your own use and spread this knowledge! Many times pediatricians do not have the correct charts for our children.

Personally, my pedi marks where Addie is on a new chart every time we come in. It is then plotted, manually, on a chart scanned into the computer. It is more work for the doctor, but, as a patient, we expect and deserve individual care for Addie.

Weight for Height (males)

Weight for Height (females)

Height (females)

Height (females)

Height (males)

Head Circumference (females)

Head Circumference (females)

Head Circumference (males)

Height by Weight (females)

Height by Weight (males)

Milestone Chart

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  1. Tennille

    Very helpful for new parents! Our genetics doc faxed these 2 our pedia b4 Ryder’s 1st exam so she can measure him properly.

  2. is there anyway to know if these charts (or if there are any charts that do) take into consideration Breastfeeding over formula feeding? Because, as I’m sure you know, the WHO has charts for AH Breastfed babies growth. And I was thinking that our babies would not fall on these charts accurately if they are based on FF babies with achondroplasia. I will be talking to my LC/NP about this the next time we go in for a well baby visit!

    • I have not seen charts like that, but I know WHO does them for AH children. Because dwarfism is so rare, I don’t think there is enough information out there to make this distinction. Addie is BF and she is in the median of most of the charts. I am just glad that we have something to go off of at the pedi office. I hope they help, mama!!

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