After last week, it is, once again MARVELOUS MONDAY!

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Oh my! Can we please start with what I am thankful for?! There’s no negativity allowed today!

Because, most likely, I am thankful for…


That’s right. I have had some very supportive and well spoken readers. People who have been sharing, educating and learning right beside me and I am thankful for you. Let me say it again- when you are feeling down this week, or anytime- drop me a line here, because without your open minds and hearts, your love, compassion and ability to evolve, I would not be making a bit of difference in this world. You allow me to be a mom to Addie, a friend to you and a writer with thoughts and ideas I hope people will read and think about. This does not mean I expect you to agree with me, but to try and learn and teach me in return.


These lovely pieces were written last week, and I wanted to give them special love- they wrote for me and for themselves to educate others not strictly about dwarfism, but about compassion and civility. They wrote to share their stories about how sometimes people respond so positively and are so thankful to learn. Frankly, what is going on with the pickles truly makes one concerned for our human race. Thank you fellow writers for your kind words, true thoughts and for continuing on this path of educating peacefully and without reactive behavior.

A Sweet Tasting Pickle
It’s Not About the Pickles
Applesauce and Pickles

Thank you all so much.

Moving swiftly along… My dwarfism segment of MM!
It may be silly, but did you know about the plough?! It’s all the rage in this house. I know, you’re thinking Chelley, it’s a plow. Well forget the snow, Reader… we have a mobile baby! Addie learned to reverse plough, which is very common for achon babies to do in lieu of crawling. Yesterday, as I dragged my tired body from bed, I looked across the hall and saw my Mom and Addie playing… then I saw Addie’s legs, shoulder width apart, bending and straightening, her heels digging into the carpet. With each cycle of motion, she pushed her arched body across the room, led by her head. It was amazing!

Reverse Snow Plough

Addie looks way cuter than this… something like this:

Plough and Addie

It looks so silly to see, especially because I am not used to this mode of transportation. All of the children I see are either on their knees or feet, but here is my lady, going at it her own way. Am I proud? Heck yes… and scared. I guess it’s time to finish baby-proofing!

Lastly… my random of the week. I’m one of those, “proud I don’t have TV people”. Kind of makes you hate me for more than being the “crazy pickle lady”, doesn’t it? How un-American to not have a TV! But, I don’t. While I am happy that I don’t have the bill every month, I do wish that I knew what all the hubbub is about award shows. I also wish that I saw previews to the movies that cause such a stir, so that I may then go to the movies and see them before they make it to Netflix, and are old news.
Keep being proud, my fellow TV viewers, and drop me a line about the next best movie that comes out, please… before it’s on DVD!

Have a marvelous week!


  1. says

    Haha, I am also one of those self-righteous, no TV people. We haven’t had one for over 12-13 years. Love it. make up for it in internet use though :-). Love the reverse snow plough!!!!

  2. says

    Yea Addie! It’s so fun to watch them learn to adapt to their abilities.

    We’re non- tvers too. The last time I watched anything was in early January when I had the stomach flu. Old survivor episodes for a day. I always feel so out of the loop! Especially after award shows and big events.

  3. says

    lol.. We also don’t have tv programming.. only DVD player so we can control the amount and quality of what our 5 children see. Don’t regret it one bit!! THanks for what you are trying to do to make our daughters and all other LPs have a better life with more awareness. It’s hard to stand up for the right. So sorry that there have been so many mean people out there.

  4. says

    You are in good company! I was proud to not have TV for years, but my hubby recently broke down and got one. I was not happy!!! I totally get the no TV thing and I swear that’s how I stay creative and motivated! Plus, there are so many ways to stay up to date on the internet if need be.

  5. Maria says

    I’m a little late to the party, it seems. I just read about the pickles story today (way to go!), which lead me to the video, which led me here. I read through several of your blog entries and decided to add your blog to my reader feed. :)

    I’m not the mother of an LP, but I completely identify with the drive to want to make this world a better place for our babies. My daughter is 19 months old and in her mind, she’s ready to take on the world. All I can do as a mother is let her go, watch her explore, and be here when she needs comfort and support. What I can’t control is how others will treat her or view her. People will always find something. My heart breaks when I think of the bruises and scratches she’ll get as she goes through her life. As her mother, I want the world to always be as beautiful and wonderous as she thinks it is right now.

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog and that Addie is quite a lucky little girl to have 2 caring, doting parents, who are fighting to change the world for her.

    Oh, as for movie recommendations, I’m usually a few steps behind (I am the parent of a toddler, afterall), but “Silver Linings Playbook” is next on my list, if that’s any help.

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