Marvelous Monday!!!

Could this weekend have been anymore perfect in ‘Lil Rhody? It was beautiful in the Ocean State- I hope it was where you are, too!

This week I am SO thankful for resilience. I have been blessed to have two of the most resilient people living under the same roof as me! Miss Adelaide had her one year check up Thursday afternoon, and with 3 shots and a finger prick (lead and iron), she was happy as a clam (are clams really that happy?). After coming home from the appointment, she took a brief nap, ate a hearty lunch and came to the Local Author Night at Barnes & Noble in Warwick!

With author Jackie Hennessey

With author Jackie Hennessey

Days later, we are still fever free and happy as ever… who could be sad with an awesome play set Grandpa put together??


And then there is Dave. A little back story: Dave was NOT a morning person when we first started dating. He was often at his shop at 12:04pm everyday, which opened at 12:00pm. But, somehow about 6 months before we were married, Dave started to make me a hot breakfast every day before work. Sometimes this meant him getting up at 6:30am to cook… then we got a puppy and I started running at 5am- yet, Dave still got up and figured out the time to have coffee and breakfast ready for me. This isn’t about breakfast, in fact, there is a big change coming in our life that makes breakfast look a bit less important than my daily coffee requirement (not a baby), but his sacrifices have afforded us much in life- whether it’s a few hours of sleep, letting go of old dreams or selling his most prized instruments- I’m blessed to have such a man.

Mountain Man <3

Resilient and resourceful <3

When it comes to dwarfism I certainly explain what I can, but recently it’s come to light that people have a need to know what to call Addie. Here is my definitive answer: Addie. It’s not rocket science, it’s just her name. While I appreciate so many friends, acquaintances and strangers wanting to be “PC” (hey, I’m the CPL!), there is no need to describe her as a Little Person. She has a form of dwarfism, but she also has a beaming smile, a head full of strawberry blonde hair, a million teeth coming in all at once, the sweetest little voice, dance moves that would shame those on DWTS, and a love of hugs unseen before. While I will focus on dwarfism awareness, please know that there is not one person out there with dwarfism who should ever be defined by their genetic difference. Little People does not describe intelligence, emotion, desire or ability. LP can run triathlons, be doctors or school teachers. You see, Little People are just people. Until you describe me as your tattooed, new mom, ice hockey and football fan, half Catholic half Jewish, blue-eyed, 5’8, size 8 1/2 shoe wearing friend with brown hair who drives a Ford, you can just call Addie Addie.

Lastly… my random of the week: Mapmyrun app. While I usually use the MapMyRun website, I found that logging in the app and tracking my run (instead of remembering where I went and when I left and when I returned, etc.) as I was doing it gave me more accurate results, I was able to see a map of where I was, which prevented me from getting lost at Roger Williams Park, and it was EASY! It’s the overrun runner’s app! I still have my daily runs that I know in my sleep (and I time with my Garmin), but when I go off my beaten path, it’s nice to know that I can map it easily and not have to question where I am! :)

Have a beautiful week, Reader!

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  1. says

    Love this post- so sweet. And I agree with this weekend- so gorgeous and so needed! Glad to say winter finally feels long gone! That swing set looks so perfect!

  2. says

    Absolutely right- her name is Addie and that is what people should call her. The weekend was beautiful- time to finally enjoy some beautiful weather! And I love that you went to the book signing. Next time I am there. Are you going on Sat to the reading?

  3. says

    So glad that the weather is amazing. Finally!! I really need to get our backyard set up for Mr. B to start running around outside with more than just a ball and his bubble maker. Poor little guy gets bored pretty easily. Love Addie’s play set!!

  4. Jodi says

    My two year old Julia got almost all of her teeth at once! I feel your pain (and Addie’s), but she will probably get a break from tooth pain unlike most toddlers. Which means more sleep for both of you :) and that playset is awesome – we have a similar one but no swing on it… They last forever

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