Marvelous Monday!

There are lots of awesome things that happen on the weekends. I had forgotten this fact due to Dave’s ridiculous habit over the past 5 years of working 7 days a week (he’s amazing like that), but in the past few weeks we’ve had adventures, late mornings, and lots of time to watch Addie learn right before our eyes- an experience Dave has seldom experienced before. It’s been awesome… and this week, I am thankful that some things in life fall into place- most of the time- unexpectedly.

When B Sharp closed, I felt very sad. It was the end of an era, the end of all Dave had worked for during the past decade, and all I’d known him as… but there were other goals in his mind. To raise Addie with me, to stand by my side at weekend birthday parties, summer BBQs, fireside toasts and experience morning snuggles wrapped in the warmth of our sweet lady while the snow falls outside. Goals I didn’t know existed. When the end came, I was sure nothing good would follow, but more family time has emerged. The bills we were paying in larger amounts are still being paid, but more than that, time is being paid. Time for him, for her, for us.

I read that sometimes good things end so better things can begin. Yeah, I thought. That is so true.

*  *  *

This weekend, in fact, was so kick-butt, that my dwarfism and random are all mixed into one jumble… read on!

John Young came to stay with us this weekend. We’ve never met in person, but when I was well known as CPL, John called me and talked to me for about 45 minutes. He kept me level-headed and shared personal stories with me that meant a lot to my sanity and my advocacy goals. He helped shape the way I choose to present myself, and thus lead Addie. When he first asked me about places to stay in Providence, I said “here!” And so it was!

This weekend for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, John stayed in our guest room (with Morgan, our cat). Not only is he an awesome runner and athlete (yeah, Iron Man Tri!!!!), but he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Addie, even in her teething pain, become a fan of John’s!

John Young and Addie

On race morning, John was out of the house before Morgan could yowl at him to wake up. I was impressed. And groggy. When we finally got up at 7, I knew the race was already going. We ate, dressed and hopped into the cold morning air for our short drive to Providence. We found really close parking and a spot near the end of the race (right before the final climb).

Rock n Roll PVD 2013

I had wanted to see John cross the finish, but the crowd was thick and we didn’t want to startle Addie. It was a great spot… and we got to see John as he flew by us to his finish of 2:58 (under his 3:00 goal!)… and a good place for Addie to practice running- and falling.

Head Bump

The bump was all gone before she went to bed!

It’s not because of his stature that I am in awe… it’s because it was something he was told he could not do. Something that wasn’t “good for him”, and a physical barrier so few LP have broken down. Watching him race was a testament to perseverance… not size and defiance. John knew that for his health- to avoid surgery- he would have to make changes. His change included a healthy, active lifestyle. His strength is not one that can be rivaled by many.

So… where does this all bring me?

I’ve missed racing. Not only am I low on training and time, but I don’t have the money I used to have to sign up. In my distress, I have missed out on doing any half marathons this year, but I am pushing my envelope in hopes of keeping my running game through the winter and I am running the Turkey Trot and Downtown Jingle 5ks!


I have run a lot of races in the past few years. A. Lot.

running 4 running1 Running 2 running 3If you have been friends with me in multiple social media outlets, I have asked for donations for Team in Training more than once. While I LOVE TnT and continue to support them (and hope to run Disney!!!!), for these races, I am setting a personal goal of $150 in donations to the LPA (Little People of America). This organization has brought me the tools I need to educate myself and those around me, and raise Addie with love and support- as well as the knowledge to treat her no different. We all need examples of strong leaders- strong female leaders to model to young woman. Strong males to exercise caution and teach respect. And strong persons in all disability groups. The LPA is so diverse and necessary for our community. I urge you to donate to this wonderful organization for the betterment of the LP community. I will be racing in green for my sweet Adelaide. HERE is the link… I will be sharing this often, I hope you can too!

I hope you have a beautiful week, reader!

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    Oh, I was right behind John in corral 10 at the start of the Half! I wanted to say hello, but he was stretching and concentrating and I hesitate to interrupt someone right before the start of a race! (I’m always like, “OK. What am I doing here?” nervous.)!!!! The race was wonderful. I was disappointed that my result didn’t show up, but I emailed the Race Officials and I will be hearing back within the week. Barry, my math genius, had me at 2:14:58… and I’m thinking somewhere between 2:15 – 2:17. It felt SO awesome to be out and running on a crisp, cool morning with all of those runners – and JOHN! Your photos are wonderful! I am planning on Turkey and Jingle… now I’ve just gotta get these legs moving again! xox!
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