No Loss of Suction

I may be setting my gender back a few years, but this Christmas, Dave nailed it.

THIS bad larry is mine! My last vacuum was purchased in 2006 and held up like a champ… through multiple moves, one fall down the stairs and some duct tape on the hose for about 2 years, it served its purpose: vacuum. But I got on the Dyson kick about 5 years ago and fell in love with them. Lightweight, easy turns, made for multiple surface changes with the press of a button and NO filter that needs replacing!

Then there was the price tag.
Not gonna happen.

So I’ve spent years dragging my clunky Dirt Devil around (PERFECT for single-level homes), with duct tape holding it together, and a short extender rendering it useless on anything below the top 2 or bottom three steps, and a filter that we hardly replaced due to the price. All-in-all, it’s made housework (a real love of mine) truly disappointing. Dave has talked about getting me a Dyson, but I didn’t want to spend the money needlessly, so I’ve asked for one every year. For my birthday. For our anniversary. For the holidays. I always ask.

This year? I received.

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As I peeled back the incredibly messy glitter paper Dave wrapped it up in, my eyes bulged with excitement and my stomach churned with cost.
“Is it new?” my voice trembled.
“Yeah. Well no. I mean it’s from Newegg.”

NEWEGG!!!! I love them almost as much as Amazon! If you’ve never checked them out, DO IT! The $400 vacuum I have used everyday, not that I need to- I just love it!- was more than half price, refurbished. Seriously, it came in the original box and doesn’t look like it was ever used. Dave set it up for me, and I cleaned up my (his) glitter mess, plus the whole lower level, in about 7 minutes. I even vacuumed the kitchen mat free of all pet hair without sucking up the edges. With delight across my face, I unplugged my lightweight beast and carried it upstairs. Laminate, wood, carpet. Done. Done. Done.


Detached hose. Under baseboards, ceiling-fan blades, stairs from top to bottom, behind the headboard, in-between the books on the shelf.

#Aisforadelaide #dyson #dc40 stock photos

This gift is something that I will use weekly, and made my holiday! There is no better gift than that of thought- one that I will remember each time there is a mess- Dave wanted me to have an easier time doing what I feel so required to: clean. Although pet hair doesn’t bother him, it mangles me. I spend so much time cleaning it up (but LOVE my dog), and the guilt I feel not using that time to share with Addie was bad. Now I use her nap to vacuum the downstairs (it’s SO much more quiet than my old cleaner)- and make sure there’s no spare rock salt on the floors, and spend more time having tickle fights and story hour nestled on the same floor.

#aisforadelaide #vacuum Best Christmas Gift

Thank you, Dave, for such a thoughtful purchase (and for buying it as a gift, and not “just because”!).



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14 Responses to No Loss of Suction

  1. I have been DYING to get a Dyson forever! The minute my current vacuum bites the dust (pun intended!), I will be buying one!
    Jessica Morrison recently posted…Speed Workouts for the TreadmillMy Profile

  2. We love our Dyson. Had it for years and still going strong!
    Melissa Carrier (@Jemstaa) recently posted…30 Day Mac & Cheese Cleanse (30 Toddler Meals)My Profile

  3. Sarah Hamilton

    Lol, I also was asking for a Dyson for years! I got it for Xmas last year, I use it every single day! Love!

  4. Dyson’s are THE best!!! We got a refurbished one, too. Great job Dave :-)

  5. I am always obsessed with a good vacuum. In fact I bought myself a high powered Dust Buster recently and LOVE it! LOL
    Kristin Wheeler (@MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted…Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant……Take the Journey!My Profile

  6. What a perfectly beautiful gift. That old thing about not getting household things for a woman never struck me as any good! I love practical and useful and necessary for every single day excitement. Yep, I’d get excited about a Dyson!
    Sharon – recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: 5 Blocks in my BedroomMy Profile

  7. I love that you got excited about this! YEAH DYSON!!!! My husband gave me one a few years ago and I literally vacuumed three rooms Christmas morning I was so psyched. XO
    @JackieHennesse1 recently posted…Why You Should Say NO to New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile

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