It’s in the name… #chubbys

I tend to keep my advocating to dwarfism, until I feel the threat is aimed at all of our children… then I have to wonder at it all.

At our local discount grocer, we find lots of good deals, but we have to look for the health. Dry and canned beans, fruits and veggies not on the dirty dozen list and spices are some of the things we have found to be great for our family… until the checkout line.

This massive display of Chubby‘s, colorful and plentiful is strategically placed in front of a few different checkout lines:

I took this photo myself, at a local grocery store.

I took this photo myself, at a local grocery store.

And there’s that phrase. The one that isn’t true, because there is no one thing. But it comes flying out of one’s mouth when something so wretched is presented to us.
That’s what’s wrong with this country.
What I really mean is Well this is another indication that something is wrong with society, but that’s far too wordy for my huffy, mid-checkout breakdown.

Here’s what’s in there (please note that ingredients are listed from most used to least- sugar is second): Carbonated Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Sucralose, FD&C Red #40, Blue #1.

I took this photo myself, at a local grocery store.

I took this photo myself, at a local grocery store.

I truly cannot fathom selling this product with any sort of conscience, marketing and pushing it towards children. This is marketed at low income families that big companies presume are also undereducated. Priced attractively to anyone at 3 for 89¢. Feeding off children’s desires at the checkout line- not just putting them there for kids to ogle, but putting them at floor height. Marketed with an athletic cartoon, says “snack”, each bottle choosing a different sport to represent it.

There is not one “untouched” product in this product- even the water is altered with carbonation.  There are 100 calories in it, but what it doesn’t define in the label is that the significant sugar brings your blood sugar sky high, which causes more insulin production. When your body produces insulin, it immediately goes into fat storage mode- it stores this sugar as extra energy/fat. One bottle contains 24 grams of sugar.

Let that sink in.

#aisforadelaide #sugarintake 24g of sugar #sugarcubes

And the company, SMJ, knows there is a ton of sugar and thinly veils their attempt to put that back on the parents, going so far as to encourage children to have sugar because they need it. This is not fact, humans need energy. Energy is measured in calories with natural sugar finding its way in from fruit, dairy and starches. These give energy. Sugar causes spikes thus intense drops in blood sugar levels, commonly called “crashing”.

This is a screen shot from the SMJ website. Click the photo for more information.

This is a screen shot from the SMJ website. Click the photo for more information.

This is a screen shot from information online. Click the photo for more information.

This is a screen shot from information online. Click the photo for more information.

It sounds boring, but water is life. And there are tons of ways to make it delicious if you think your kids, or you, can’t handle plain water. Adding frozen fruit, a squeeze of citrus fruit gives all the jazz water needs. Juice? It’s truly not needed. Want orange juice? Eat an orange, or at least buy real juice. Orange drink is not orange juice. Grape drink is not grape juice. Lemon-Lime soda has nothing to do with lemons, or limes.

I think you get the point.

But do you get the ramifications? These consequences (and so many others) will follow your child their whole life:
* Weight gain
* Diabetes
* Chronic diseases
* Impaired immune system
* Premature aging
* Poor memory

I hope that stores take some responsibility in this new year to keep their products safe for consumption and avoid carrying things that will not help your child be more athletic, but is more likely to cause lethargy, sugar crashes, and weight issues, concentration problems in school and intestinal issues. This product, among so many others that are targeted at fed up parents of impatient kids, lines the pockets of creators and doctors alike. We can stop the trend by refusing to buy dangerous, truly dangerous products, for our children. I know we can.

And while this is available, remember that 25% less is still 8 sugar cubes, or 3 sugar packets. Have you ever thought about putting that much sugar in your child’s hands to consume? I gather your answer would be no.


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10 Responses to It’s in the name… #chubbys

  1. Soapbox girl. I am 100% behind you. I remember a store long ago that had one impulse-free aisle. I imagine it was delightful.

  2. I am so behind you! I would never buy anything like that for my kids!

  3. I’ve seen this display in my local store. Every time I see it I sarcastically laugh to myself thinking “that drink is appropriately named!”

  4. Exactly!!!!!!! Wonderful post!!!!

  5. This is despicable. My Mom, now almost 89, didn’t allow this kind of crap in hour home ever… knowing intrinsically what it did to young bodies and minds and I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s when every easy, “tasty”, awesome product became available. I wasn’t allowed to drink soda and I haven’t had one taste of soda in, literally, decades. I’ve been a label reader forever and even before labeling was mandatory, knew what to avoid by just looking at it. It’s always about marketing and $$$$ and, I’m sorry to say, poisoning our kids. Sad. Horrific. Thank you for this vigilance. Thank you… xo
    Sharon – recently posted…Sunday Fashion: Generational Fashion… Grandma, Mom and DaughtersMy Profile

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