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As many know, our family has a yearly membership to the LPA (wouldn’t a lifetime membership be awesome?!). Because of this all-encompassing community of people with all types of dwarfism, I’ve come to meet and know more people and more diagnoses than I would have imagined existed… but it’s the people we meet that leave the most lasting impression.

Like many parents, I have dreams for my sweet Addie, and because of my own dance past, one of those fantasies is for her to be a dancer, too! If you follow me on Instagram (HERE), you have seen all of her pictures, like this gorgeous shot, captured by my friend Sarah over at Sweet Lil’ You.

#aisforadelaide Dance Class

Or this new favorite… I like to call it: Sassy Sashay

#aisforadelaide sassy Sashay

We have enjoyed dance so much, that when a friend in our LPA district (New England District 1), Alex, won a scholarship for her dance, I leapt up from my chair and cheered at my computer screen! Her mom tells a beautiful story about Alex and her journey of dance below… check it out!

Alexandra has been dancing since she was 3 1/2. She has a love and passion for dance, and even though she is small she has excelled at it. She was invited to the competitive team when she was only 7 years old! She has now been dancing for 8 years, and has been competing for 4 years.

She recently attended a weekend dance convention in NYC. During the weekend there were multiple classes taught by professional choreographers, with almost 1000 girls from all over the country, trying to win a scholarship. Alex was chosen as a Stand Out Performer by professional choreographer, Al Blackstone, to receive a scholarship during his musical theater class. She was the only LP at this event and half the size of the girls in her group, yet she succeeded in making a lasting impression.

She received a $250.00 scholarship towards a week-long summer intensive program from July 22-27 in Long Beach, CA. They recently built a new facility there where 5 summer workshops will be held, in one location, giving the dancers an opportunity to learn even more. The normal cost of the program is $600.00 plus the cost to fly to California, hotel, car rental and food, it is all adding up at an astronomical rate.

I created the GoFundMe as a way to collect donation to give Alex this once in a life time opportunity.

#aisforadelaide #dance #passion

Amazing! A scholarship to a dance workshop!!!! Yes, please! Check out Alex’s GoFundMe page HERE, and share it often! Let’s send her to Cali to chase her passion with pointed toes and poised hands!


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10 Responses to It’s About Passion

  1. Congrats Alex! Going the check out her GoFundMe page now. I adore the pictures of Addie, what a sweet dancer!
    Joanna recently posted…Meet Miss Elsa, our little curveball.My Profile

  2. Shell

    Those pics of Addie are too much! Seriously adorable!! You need to frame those!

  3. This post has me smiling from ear to ear. I love seeing someones dreams come true! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be heading over to GoFundMe.
    Addie…those photos are so precious.
    Sheri recently posted…The Bookshelf: Not Your Typical DragonMy Profile

  4. EVERY time you post pictures of Addie dancing, I show anyone that is around me how precious she is. I cannot get enough of her cuteness.
    melissa g. recently posted…Stream of Consciousness SundayMy Profile

  5. Addie is such a cute dancer! Alexandra sounds so talented! That’s great she received a scholarship :-)
    Ashley recently posted…St. Patrick’s Day MuffinsMy Profile

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