Dear Adelaide,

I swear it was just a few weeks ago that you learned to toddle.
But you were still my baby.

You spoke a few words and laughed at whatever you thought they meant.
But you were still my baby.

We read the same books over and over- you asked for them by nickname.
But you were still my baby.

You danced to songs that you knew by tune.
But you were still my baby.

You’re running, while yelling full sentences about soccer, friends and lunch. You request different books by name depending on your mood. You ask for specific songs. You sing full melodies.

But you will always be my baby.


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  1. Judith Black-DiFazio says

    And to the childless friends of your parents you will be their baby too. Shelley , you are a brilliant young woman. I am so proud of you.
    Aunt Judith

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