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I aim to answer all questions personally via email, or by blog. I will never mention your name without your expressed permission.

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I am excited to work with people! I have walked many walks in life, and am familiar with multiple mediums, including the production of press releases and informational brochures and pamphlets for anyone from small business to corporate enterprises. Please contact me using the form below orĀ review (at) aisforadelaide (dot) com.

If you would like a review, I’d be happy to oblige as long as your product or service is in line with my blog! Please know that I do require a full size sample of your product at no charge to me, as well as 4 weeks to write a review. We can discuss a specific date that fits your requirements. All of my posts are shared via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. If appropriate, Pinterest, as well. Discounts, giveaways and coupon codes are always welcome, but stipulations for contests are at my discretion. All reviews posted are my opinion and will not be subject to outside editing. I reserve the right to not post if all stipulations have not been met. Compensation is case-by-case.

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Yep, I’ve got it! I’d love to host your banner ad on a quarterly, half yearly, or yearly basis. Email me at review (at) aisforadelaide (dot) com to get started.

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Parents, advocates, friends… need a forum? Please email me to discuss your piece- let’s get your voice heard and collaborate!

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I can help you with an array of writing needs, including articles, letters, press releases, ghost and copy writing, informational materials, product descriptions and, of course, blogging.

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