Facebook …and a prize!

Hello readers.

These past few days have been some days of reckoning! I love my baby girl and sometimes taking the time to look inward and find my own strength instead of leaning on others is extremely important. Having so much love and support means the world to me, but I need to remember my own two legs, too!

That being said, let’s get some education out to the public!!! Enough is enough! There are so many negative things in the media about dwarfism- even just the use of the word midget. I said it. Once. And once is enough. I don’t care who thinks it’s an OK word to use to describe someone or themselves. It is NOT OK with me, and I won’t have the word used to describe my daughter. The more people who know about and understand dwarfism, all the many types AND  that little people are just as capable as you or me, the less stereotyping and harassment will be out there.

There is a wonderful website I want everyone to help me promote… please visit the page and LIKE! their Facebook page. Spread the knowledge!

After you like their page and Addie’s page, please comment on this post. I will be doing a random drawing in September and I will post a blog with the winner! Of what? You may ask: a $25 Visa Gift Card to use however you please. SPREAD THE WORD, GET PAID!!!!

So, please go LIKE and LIKE, then post and… KEEP READING and spreading the word to get your payday!

Just an image to brighten your day <3
me loving on Adelaide


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22 Responses to Facebook …and a prize!

  1. Liked & double liked!!

  2. Ashley Alice


  3. tracey isabella

    Awesome as always my lovely friend.I will pass it along and spread the word for you.

  4. Erica

    Liked both but don’t worry about entering me in the contest :)

  5. anything to help in anyway i can..i dont need a prize, loving addie is enough for me :-)

  6. Kyle

    Liked both and thank you and your sweet girl :)

  7. Laurie

    Dear Chelley, I think you are a strong and smart and I also think that Addie is strong and Smart. My friend, who is a doctor, said that he went to med school with two people who have the same exact condition as Addie. He told me that they were some of the smartest med students and that Addie can do anything that she wants to do with her life. He said the key was to have an excellent pediatrician and not to let her size be a measure of her intelligence and definately not to let anyone treat her that way.always love your posts and don’t need a prize, just need to see baby pictures, because that is what gives me pleasure. She is just so beautiful and I can feel the love that surrounds her. Great job, Chelley.

  8. Amy Badey

    I went on over to check out the page and liked it because I think it looks awesome and it is something I would be happy to share with my boys. If I win the drawing, just go out and buy something fun for Miss Addie or yourself. You both deserve it. ;)

  9. Kim

    Sorry it took so long. Just getting home from vacation and got to read a bunch of posts at once. Gonna post this to our facebook page. Love you guys!

  10. Ashley Galkin

    You girls are awesome! Love you!

  11. Sarah

    I agree! The word midget is a NO NO. Just thinking about someone using it to describe Madison makes me so mad and upset. She is just the same as every other 2 year old just a little smaller. That is ALL!!! I hope people start to realize this soon. Not sure what it is going to take.

  12. Christine

    Liked it all! :-)

  13. Your baby girl is beautiful and she’s got a great Mama!

  14. Tammy

    Liked and liked! I love following your blog. My little (achon) dude is 9 months old, and I find myself smiling and nodding along to a lot of the things you post. Addie is gorgeous, btw! ;)

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