Give Credit to the Homemaker


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  1. Beautifully said. On the other side of Mommyhood —- Grandparenthood and retirement and blogging and Caregiving —- I think not a day goes by when someone tells me how “lucky” I am to be a Grandma, retired and working from home. The fantasy (for them!) is how I wake up, stretch big and wide, hop into a warm bath with scented bath salts, wander off to a local cafe for coffee and perusal of the morning news, then wander back home to change into my running gear, shower quickly, meet friends for lunch at cute little cafes in magical locations, shop for dinner on my way home in European-style butcher/fish shops, bake treats for Barry and spend the evening drinking wine and chatting about our days before I whip up a post or two by candlelight as Barry brings me my slippers.

    You and my daughters and bloggers know the challenges of this work, the love of this work, the spirit of this work, the deadlines of this work AND the joys of the independence and choice of this work.

    And how it changes day to day, week to week, month to month.

    I never started out to be a Caregiving writer. This evolved as my life evolved. I wasn’t a runner when I began blogging. I am now and I get work for this. I DID start out as a diarist of my grandkids’ daily wonders, and I still do this!

    But all the stuff in-between!? I try to explain to friends what I do, and most don’t get past the “lucky” part… the fun events, the sometimes travel, the meeting interesting people, the writing, etc. Then I ALWAYS remind these friends and relatives that I worked for 30 years, teaching – my passion – when many of these same people took lots of years off to be with their kids, see their “firsts”, etc. I didn’t have that luxury. I do now. I have TIME to do what I want… which is organizing my time to try to fit in everybody I love and everything I want to do. It’s not easy. But it’s the lifestyle I choose. I’m always honing. That’s what we do!

    I love this post. xox!
    Sharon – recently posted…Daily Photo: These girly eyes…My Profile

    • martinkadelux

      I love your full life and your drive, passion and continuing to create everyday. For you, for your children ams grands, for Barry and for your readers.
      How blessed I am to know you <3

  2. I find it very hard to balance everything! There are so many times when I want to take a day and slow down! Your home is gorgeous because it is you, Addie, and your hubby (who I got the pleasure to meet:)

    • martinkadelux

      I’m so glad we met each other’s sometimes better half! :-) I find balance to be so relative to my varying days that there’s never true balance. Only keeping on with a smile!

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