The Last of the Marvelous ’13…

It’s not like MM will come to an end, but it is something I committed to for a whole year and DID! This first year coming to an end feels bittersweet, and my decision to continue is a true testament to your commitment to me- to learn, to guide, to discuss. Each Monday I wrote a Marvelous Monday post… most in the same format… and shared with you, Reader. I want to thank you for sticking with me, and let you know that I appreciate all that you do for me. From your readership to your sharing, comments and personal messages- I appreciate it all. Whether you stumbled upon this page, are here for a giveaway or want more information about dwarfism- thank you.

#aisforadelaide #happynewyear #2014 #blog

Addie, Dave and myself wish you the happiest of years ahead and hope 2013 was all your dreamt and more, and 2014 is good to you in so many more ways.

Here’s to the next year’s journey of Marvelous Mondays.



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