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Ahhhh… the wash. Laundry. Piles. Lots and lots of piles. It’s not that we, a growing family of 3, make a ton of wash, it’s that we all have different styles. I wear lots of neutrals. Addie wears lots of brights. And Dave? He wears mostly darks- mixed with reds! We all wear whites- from our socks to my grandmother’s tablecloth that I refuse to retire (yes, Addie eats dinner over a white tablecloth). Then there are the towels, sheets, dog bed cover, cloth napkins, and cloth diapers. Needless to say, this all results in a lot of loads each week. Sorting laundry, though not my favorite of tasks, has always been one I adhere to, thanks to Mom (of course!). My mom was diligent with the laundry- making sure we always had clean, stain-free clothes, but she also learned from many of her own mistakes about mixing colors. She stressed to me that to prevent color bleeding I had to make sure that I didn’t mix the lights and darks, and do a separate wash for whites. Because I loved to help, I learned all of her secrets…

#LaundrySimplified #cbias #shop #aisforadelaide Purex no sort Available at Walmart

But then Purex® came along and shattered my life lesson… The Rules Have Changed! On my recent trip to Walmart I picked up the new Purex® No Sort™ and, after carefully reading the information, I learned that this innovative product doesn’t perform miracles… if I have brand new clothes, I need to wash them at least 5 times before I let them share a load- especially jeans! Using its Anti Color Transfer Technology, Purex® No Sort™, traps loose dyes and doesn’t let them settle on clothes. It cleans clothes really well , smells great and does it all at a very reasonable price! Before I did my first load, I went through all of the clothes that needed washing (found nothing new), and timed myself, just to see how much sorting time I would save off the bat.

#laundrysimplified #shop #cbias #collectivebias #aisforadelaide Available at Walmart

12 minutes- including the dog stealing socks and Addie picking things up and putting them in different piles- to sort. My whites are already separate, so that’s one load, cloth diapers another. Then, brights, 2 darks, and a light… mixing everything going forward, Purex® No Sort™ is going to save me between 2 and 4 loads of laundry a week! That is 48 minutes of wash time and an hour of dry time per load! And awesomest of all: I’ll always be able to run a full washer!

Less Sorting #LaundrySimplified #shop #cbias #collectivebias #aisforadelaide

When I pulled my clothes from the washer, the scent was pretty strong, but after a trial run of both line-drying and machine-drying, my clothes smelled fresh, but not over-powering.

#LaundrySimplified #Cbias #aisforadelaide #shop What will you do with your extra time

The first weekend I used my Purex® was also a beautiful one… because I only had to do 2 loads, colors and whites (not 4!), I ended up beginning my newest leisurely read: Married Love and other short stories. Seriously… it was a perfect day! I am so excited to move forward using this awesome new detergent for my family and save time for the important things- like summer fun… and lots of snuggles! A special thank you to #CollectiveBias for making this #shop possible!

Time saved with Purex® No Sort™ #aisforadelaide #shop #cbias #laundrysimplified

Try making your #LaundrySimplified and learn more about Purex® on FacebookTwitterPinterest and YouTube.

What will you do with the time you will save by using Purex® No Sort™?
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    I love that you aren’t afraid to use a white tablecloth just because you have a little one! We have white chairs and a white couch – people think I am nuts! I hope you’ll be able to enjoy even more reading this summer now that you’ve found Purex! #client
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