Marvelous Monday

This week I am so thankful for the few gorgeous days we had. Addie and I took a trip to Roger Williams Park Zoo and got to see some of our favorites, like the giraffes, and caught a glimpse of the snow leopard, who is rarely seen… except in the snow (who whould’ve thunk!?). My favorite part of the trip was watching Addie sit on the elephant statue all by herself! Most of her friends have been getting their picture on the little elephant for almost a year, but I was always worried Addie would fall off (balance and such), but she asked for up, then made the biggest smiles for the camera and I did my best to hold back tears.


#aisforadelaide #RWPzoo #elephantShe’s growing up… and I cannot wait for the warm weather and some more adventures!

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My dwarfism “fact” is actually prompted by numerous people I’ve spoken to in the past about adjectives describing them before their names. For example, Big Mike or Little Dave. In the situation of actually being little, a fact that many can see with their own eyes, the name can truly become less benign and more of an abhorrent reminder that that’s what people see. Remember that LP are not their size, just as you are not yours. Addie is not Little Addie. She’s regular ole’ Addie. She’s the babe you know and love- with a beaming smile, squeaky voice and curls flowing down her back and over her shoulders. She’s the girl with her own special gait, an independent attitude and a love of cuddling. She’s Addie.

When you talk about your friends and need to differentiate between two people of the same name, you often use descriptors, which makes perfect sense… but remember that those descriptors are not a part of their name and they are not a definition of the individual.

Just a friendly reminder that words have so much more power than we assign to them, sometimes.

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And some random for your life… you may not know this, but I am OBSESSED with cake batter everything. Mostly, I just like to eat actual cake batter, but I enjoy dabbling in different things that have been deemed “cake batter flavored”. For this much, I wanted to share THE CAKE BATTER MARTINI from the Novice Chef. If you get the chance to try it, PLEASE let me know how it is!!!

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    Love the zoo and I’ve gotta get back there for their grandparent family pass thing… such a great deal. LOVE the elephant and Addie’s smile, oh-my! If I remember correctly, an elephant’s trunk UP is very good luck!? Love your reminder about words and tags and adjectives… always, always important. Thanks for the Monday wisdom, even though it’s now Tuesday for me! xo!
    Sharon – recently posted…Ziploc Fresh 180 Challenge: Fitting Back into my Skinny JeansMy Profile

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